In my quest to learn assembly I found this place which has an interactive interpreter for learning the basics.
No-one seems to link to the guy and it's a bit of a jaw dropper for a newbie when you first use it.

Makes the learning process for assembly a LOT easier....

In the first 5 mins I realised a register is no different from a car odometer.
The last 2 months of reading stuff with bit switching and add one for negatives bla bla bla just zapped my brain.

Now I can find a negative in my head using decimal and hexadecimal.

Posted on 2006-01-07 08:27:18 by eek
Most people have to start out with some sort of abstract meaning before they make the correlation in their head of the actual process. This is why so many people prefer VB/C++ over assembly language, it isn't as intuitive.
Posted on 2006-01-07 16:42:10 by SpooK