How do you "capture" the enter key when the user hits enter when typing into an edit control?
Posted on 2006-01-12 22:01:18 by mikes

In a standard window or dialog?

A multi-line edit control or single-line edit control?

Curious minds want to know!

Posted on 2006-01-12 22:26:29 by farrier
It's a standard window.

Since I posted this, I noticed that WM_CHAR does not supply a handle so that I can know what control the keystrokes are intended for. Any ideas?
Posted on 2006-01-12 22:57:21 by mikes
SetWindowLong, hEdit -> WndProc

.if uMsg==WM_KEYDOWN
        mov eax,wParam
        .if al==VK_RETURN

Also read on at Iczelions SubClassing Tutorial @
Posted on 2006-01-13 06:57:07 by JimmyClif
in standard window, the edit control does not send WM_CHAR, but instead it sends WM_NOTIFY with proper parameters.
Posted on 2006-01-13 19:42:13 by ti_mo_n