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Whats new:
- Fixed bug where scrollbars would not show.
- Added ColSize style property. Makes it possible to prevent user column resizing.

Posted on 2006-01-13 02:07:16 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

Thanks for the upgrade.

I have noticed one problem (not new with this release). GM_RESETCONTENT sometimes causes the program to crash (system message to notify MS). Other times, it works fine. I haven't been able to see what determines the failure condition.
Posted on 2006-01-17 00:07:32 by mikes
Thanks mikes

The column format string was not taken care of while resetting row data.
I guess this could be the reason for the GPF.

Version is uploaded to the abow link.

Posted on 2006-01-17 02:39:58 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

Thanks, but the GM_RESETCONTENT crashing problem is still there. I have been trying to see why is works on some grids and fails on others. Still no luck.

The 2 that keep failing are fairly small (6X17 and 8X8) both with no scroll bars.

Posted on 2006-01-17 15:18:12 by msmith
Hi msmith

What would really help is if you install a JIT debugger like Ollydbg and then show me the screendump when the bug occures.

Posted on 2006-01-17 17:26:34 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

There is no problem... just a misconception on my part.

I was thinking all of this time that GM_RESETCONTENT was just clearing all of the cells. What it actually does is to clear out all of the rows.

What was happening was that I was writing to cells that I had just destroyed.

Sorry for the false alarm.

It would be useful to have a function that would just "erase" the contents of the cells and then leave the rows in place. Clearing the cells in a loop isnt that big a deal, so this is not an urgent request.

Thanks again for all of your great work.

Posted on 2006-01-17 20:46:00 by mikes
Hi mikes

GM_RESETCONTENT should only clear row data and preserve column definitions.
GM_RESETCOLUMNS clears column definitions if there are no rows.

There definitly is a bug somewhere. I will test more.

Posted on 2006-01-18 02:36:41 by KetilO
Makes it possible to prevent user column resizing.

Thank you!
Posted on 2006-01-18 04:32:46 by veach1