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Whats new:
o Added option to manage Custom Controls.
o Added option to set how RadASM handles compiler errors.
o Added support for Lcc compiler system.
o Improved C parser (CppParse.dll)
o Improved Dialog Preview addin.
o Fixed bug where project wizard could loose it's font.
o Fixed bug where project wizard did not work on Win95 and Win98 with an older version of common controls.
o Fixed a bug where recent files menu could show wrong filename (DBCS fonts only).

Posted on 2006-01-13 15:47:00 by KetilO
Posted on 2006-01-14 01:45:15 by Luckrock
Hi KetilO,

Excellent :D

Immortal_One  8)
Posted on 2006-01-17 08:27:14 by Immortal_One