hi all

has someone coded a mod/xm player routine under windows?
or is someone interesting in codeing one together with me? so please contact me

Posted on 2001-12-07 18:46:46 by adapix
Fmod (http://www.fmod.org) does support xm/mod and many other formats and, if I correctly remember, it's free for personal use - not for commercial use.
Said that, I'm interested in developing a library to play mod/xm/s3m, but I'm actually finishing my thesis work, so do not expect me to have a lot of free time to dedicate to the project.
If you want, I can give you some help in coding loaders, effects and other procs, but the main skeleton shoul be developed by... adpix :)

Posted on 2001-12-08 07:21:40 by dguzz
thanks for the address... its the best lib for xm/mod but i work with tasm and the lib is not compatibel with the linker!
yet i also havnt so many time to do everything alone... i hope you have in future more time so we can do the work together...
Posted on 2001-12-08 23:00:22 by adapix
I haven't checked it entirely and it doesn't state about asm compatibility, but the bass library at http://www.un4seen.com/music/ might be good. I used it for some programs in vb and it's pretty good if the standards required aren't too high.

Posted on 2001-12-10 21:06:30 by Silas
Hi !

I prefer fmod because it's faster and very easy to use ! (and you get masm-includes with its sdk !)

Greetings, CALEB !
Posted on 2001-12-11 07:13:35 by Caleb