My program does heavy processing and then when prompted writes the data to two identical files simultaneously (files can be upwards of 20MB) and resumes processing.

The Save routines sends a completion message SendMessage(hWndStatus), and the WndProc actually does the EnableMenuItem calls, but the Message appears and the Menu Items change some seconds after the trigger for these actions is given. I want the program to know exactly when the the Message is being processed by the WndProc, and when the Menu Item is being set, so that it can now restart doing processing. If it restarts processes earlier it interrupts the delayed write , and the data never gets written to disk.

In my program I output a copy of all WndProc Messages that are not processed by my WndProc handler (those that are passed on to DefWndProc). However I want to know exactly what those codes refer to.

Randy's HLA has in the w.hhf file a list of several WM_**** codes, but I see some that are not listed in w.hhf, so I was wondering exactly what to look for.
Posted on 2006-02-06 07:30:06 by V Coder