I need to claim a communal buffer within a sub process.
My guide e-book have such explain:
COMM definition [[, definition]] ...

Creates a communal variable with the attributes specified in definition. Each definition has the following form:
[]  [] label:type[[:count]]
The label is the name of the variable. The type can be any type specifier (BYTE, WORD, and so on) or an integer specifying the number of bytes. The count specifies the number of data objects (one is the default).

But I try to use like this:
comm vpp_rqs_char_cacr_spacebf DWORD:[20h]
comm vpp_rqs_char_cacr_spacebf :DWORD:[20h]
it is not work,may someone help me?

Posted on 2006-02-14 07:11:50 by vanish