Good morning. (It's 7:43 am here)

I am looking to clean up the startup stuff.

What about the first 4 items in the list. The computer just runs a single instrument and is Lan connected.


Posted on 2006-02-15 07:45:28 by skywalker
osa.exe and ctfmon are some helper tools for Office. First one is responsible for speeding up Office launch time. You can disable, as it doesn't exactly boost anything anyway.

ctfmon is responsible for advanced input features support (speech recognition...). I am not sure how safe it is to disable it. My friend for whom I was configuring the system needed to use Office regularly, and I have heard that disabling ctfmon can make some problems in Office, so I left it just in case.
If you don't use Office - disable it. Otherwise better leave it. Thats my opinion.

Sorry can't tell much about other two. Though it seems safe to disable synchronization manager if you don't do any offline context synchronization :)
Posted on 2006-02-15 09:58:21 by arafel