Whats new:
o Updated RadASM.hlp file.
o Support for Borland C/C++ builder 5.5 (high level bcc)
o Activated code properties when no project is open.
o You no longer need to reload project after setting project options.
o SourceSafe addin now supports sub folders.
o Added description and template on creating NT drivers (masm).
o Added full screen editing. Use Ctrl+W to toggle.
o It is now possible to select button size in toolbar creator.
o Pushing Ctrl while double clicking in file/project browser will
  open the file in RadASM instead of an external tool. This also works
  with .bat and .exe files. Files of type res, obj, dll, exe, bmp and ico
  are auto opened in RadASM's hex editor.
o Added some file delete security on build commands.
o Improved project groups tool a little.
o Fixed bug where backup did not work if project path contained dot.
o Fixed comment block hilite bug in RAEdit custom control.
o Fixed a bug in RAGrid custom control where column format string was
o Fixed a bug in RAGrid custom control where row number was not returned
  from GM_ADDROW.
o Fixed a bug in RADTollBar addin where customizeable toolbar did not work
  on win95, 98 and me.
o Fixed bug when opening files in external tools.
o Fixed a bug in SourceSafe addin where wrong icon would be shown in project browser.
o Updated exception report e-mail address (flipcase addin).
o Fixed a tab size bug in RAEdit when tabs are expanded to space.
o Fixed an ObjAsm32 syntax hilite problem.
o Fixed a bug where creating a template failed if project path contained dot.
o Fixed bug where dialogs did not work if project name / folder contained dot.

Posted on 2006-03-05 08:49:50 by KetilO
Among new feature are there ones that need change to be made in configuration files(RadAsm.ini, masm.ini etc.)?
I use, might be some section\option have been added to ini file since

Posted on 2006-03-06 20:26:31 by The Svin
Hi The Svin

There is no manual updates to ini files needed in 2206 or 2207.
If any is needed it will be stated in the WhatsNew file.

Posted on 2006-03-07 03:33:03 by KetilO
Thank you for the explanation.
Posted on 2006-03-07 04:42:32 by The Svin

There is no manual updates to ini files needed in 2206 or 2207.

Well, let me ask it this way:
I have existing RadAsm.ini and masm.ini that work OK with 2205.
Shall I replace them with newer RadAsm.ini and masm.ini to make new features work?
You see, I always relactent to do this since those files usually a little bit customized, and some customazing was done a while ago, so it might some work (and a danger that work'd be done not quite right) while adoptin newer ini files to old customizing.
For now I installed just new RadAsm.exe 2207 and dlls. Nor RadAsm.ini neither masm.ini.
And I have at least one problem - while creating new project - I don't see Driver(.sys) among the project types. Trying to find a way out I downloaded Assembler.zip from your site to figure out if there are changes to be made in masm.ini so that Driver(.sys) type option could appear. But I didn't found anything about Driver project type in newer masm.ini.
What shall I do to make the option work?
Posted on 2006-03-08 22:35:18 by The Svin

Drivers was not added to masm.ini in
There is however included a driver project and a description on how to do it.

Posted on 2006-03-09 02:26:37 by KetilO
But the problem is that I don't see "driver project" option in the project wizard.
For the first time I saw it in RadAsm.chm file (just a picture).
In real project wizard (RadAsm 2207) last option I can see is " Dos App (com)", and no "Driver (sys)" after that.
Posted on 2006-03-09 04:25:00 by The Svin