I started out with WinXP Professional with SP1 working fine on my system.
Decided to upgrade and used the upgrade CD.

During the process of upgrading, drive was formatted to NTFS from Fat32.

CD got to the 3rd step of copying files to HD for the upgrade and won't go any furthur.

IF I boot it up, it asks for the XP SP2 CD, and just repeats itself.

Hope that is clear.

Checking Microsoft site, there are 2 possible fixes, one is a BIOS and the other gives no technical details.

Since SP2 so far has done much "servicing", I like to get some feedback so something new is added to the list of what's gone wrong. :-)

Can I just reformat the NTFS drive using a floppy disk with fdisk and format on it. ?
Should I go back to FAT32 ?

Posted on 2006-03-06 16:00:16 by skywalker
#1 - do NOT go back to FAT32.. NTFS is just too cool by comparison.
#2 - if the drive contains nothing of interest to you, then be aware that you can make partitions, delete partitions and format partitions of the drive from the os installer cd, if you choose the appropriate option.. if theres only one partition (and you're happy to leave it that way), I'd recommend the "quick format" for ntfs, again, available from the installer cd's menus, but if the drive is a large-ish one, think about making more than one partition, and format each partition.. this is really the only opportunity you get to do it .. you're making virtual drives on your single hdd.. when you next boot the os, windows will create a drive letter for each partition, which means you can put the os on drive C, and keep your junk on drive D, even if you only have one hdd.. it also means you can format half your drive and not the other half in future ;)
Note that if anything ever goes tragically wrong with XP and all else fails, you can "over-install" the os without damaging your personal files.. only the os files are copied, we simply skip the formatting step.. this is also an option you might like to consider, or at least remember for future reference (I've had critical os files disappear due to hdd sector failures in the past).. just make sure you're putting the os on the right partition (if you have more than one), or you'll have two copies of windows on the same hdd, and windows will change your boot sector to give you a menu at bootup where you can pick from them , lol..
#3 - I had similar problems when I moved from SP1 to SP2 using different OS install cds, and recommend just reinstalling from scratch with the SP2 cds, or from the original SP1 cds, and upgrading to SP2 via microsoft's site.
#4 - I don't think this has anything to do with BIOS.

If all of the above fails to solve the problem, and with one weird hdd this happened to me, then SLAVE the target drive to another XP machine (making sure to set the little jumper peg on the slave drive accordingly - look at the sticker on the hdd for instructions), boot up the XP machine and make sure you can see the 'new' hdd, then insert the os installer cd and run the installer (not booting from the cd now, because since we're not targetting the boot drive, we can install XP without hassles) and install the OS, making SURE you pick the correct drive (if you format it before you transplant it, then it'll be obvious even if both drives are the same size and make because the "available diskspace" on the target drive will be huge).

Hope any/all of that helped.
Posted on 2006-03-07 00:27:49 by Homer
I got the SP2 to install OK. I now have to run a modem .exe to install my modem drivers.

Thanks for all the info to consider and give me more valuable options.

I have another small drive that is still working. I may add it and put on another OS just for testing purposes or backup storage of sorts.

Posted on 2006-03-07 11:01:52 by skywalker