why on win2k my ownerdraw button show only 15 char long text, when win98/xp show the correct length of chars ?
any reason for that other then shorten the text *g* ?

Posted on 2006-03-08 19:17:56 by xanthos
i mean...i have a ownerdraw button.
the text on the button is like this : "press this to start"

on win98/xp the text is full shown and all ok.
on win2k the text is only 15 chars long, like this "press this to s"

msdn i found nothing about charlength on ownerdraw buttons :-(
Posted on 2006-03-09 04:46:25 by xanthos
tata...the reason is...stupid masm.
this line    : INVOKE GetDlgItemText, hWnd, .CtlID, ADDR sBtnText, SIZEOF sBtnText
changed to: INVOKE GetDlgItemText, hWnd, .CtlID, ADDR sBtnText, 256
solves the problem.

since i start with tasm and ever check the size of the text with lstrlen...i stop using it when i change to masm, because of SIZEOF.

what a waste of time, but i never give up :-)

btw. the board is death ?
looks like it...hm im sorry to see.
nice times years ago here, but then it become serious and boring.
to much censored :-(

Posted on 2006-03-09 13:16:16 by xanthos
Hi xanthos,

The board is alive, but yes there is now more censorship because some people used the board to research virii and malware projects. This kind of abuse was pretty bad for a while, bad enough that a couple of years ago for about 6 months or so I stopped dropping in. It is sad that in order to keep this a programming board for those interested in the power and flexibility of assembler we have to limit the scope because of those who would use it to shell code, crack or infect. In a perfect world any question would be benign but in the real world people try constantly to wrap questions in a cloak of legitimacy and they must be weeded out, sometimes harshly.
Posted on 2006-03-09 19:26:08 by donkey
(excuse bad English)
i understand the problems u or the board have.
I'm sure some eyes watching the board, seeking for a reason to close it.

but also i mean, its not our job to weed out the people, if some coders to bad stuff, the police had to do there job.
whee all remember "i love you" and other stuff, the police found the coders and "bang" they get there guilty.

i can only speak from my side...
i start to interest in coding, because some dude infected me with a Trojan.
id never heard before about stuff like this or do i had problems with virus.

i lived in a "3d world" and had enough to do, to learn my stuff there.
but then i want to know more, what is this, how works it and why the hell on my system.

so i start searching the web about info's.
found tons of sources at this time and i start with Delphi and code some stuff.
I'm very proud of what i code those days, especial because i never release it to the public as working version.
i only want to proof later, that everyone can code bad stuff...if he learn coding or not.

Delphi, vb and those stuff is the danger i think.
click, cklick ,cklick is the bad stuff "coded", mosttime from "routines" other coders.
half a year later i feel like I'm working with a box full of Lego, building only what ready made plugins let me build.

so i start asm.
when learning my little coding, i start building some ethic inside me.
its easy to grab code from others and make bull**** with it, its very hard to understand things going on my system and find a reason for it.

that's my world, half feed in illegal and the other on the legal side.
all i code in insecure, is only on my hd and for leanring and understanding how things go.
I'm not the prof coder to code stuff against things i dont understand.

but last, i dont ask here anymore for security stuff.
i released two fool security tool here, two times in the hope others like to join the team.
alltime i had flamewars then and to change my board names...

in fact, no one download ever 1 of the files.
more critic and stuff like "hey it cant be a virus" or "i only code on win2k"

also some older coders here, some virus legends...are alltime welcome.
hello ancev :-)
but people asking for a hook not.

i have a source showing how to hide a regkey.
based of this i start coding something against it.

there will be alltime two sides, the ying and the yang.
also the ying will die, if whe banned the yang.

let the foolish people code there bad stuff, let them ask for what they want and what is legal to ask.
wheres the old spirit of fighting ?

I'm alltime hungry to code stuff and to learn new things, also i want to disgusts problems and find reasons with others.

hack my system and help me to learn more about <---
Posted on 2006-03-11 04:08:27 by xanthos