to K.O.
1. Might be it worth to create 3 separate file, one for type of ini?
Anyway I did it for myself after having very inconvinient jumping while searching for special words and
every time wondering "In desctiption of which of INIs I'm now?"

to Donkey
2. Parts of RadAsmini.rtf included in your chm in some lines differs from nowdays current RadAsmini.rtf,
might be it worth to lead your quotes from K.O. rtf to his current version?

to K.O.
3. In description of Section
Se Assembler.ini section

I suppose in should be "See Assembler.ini ..."
This spelling error can be found many times ini the rtf file

4.Some times you write just "Se section "
some times "Se Assembler.ini section "

I think the latter is much better since it points out wich file the section belongs to.
Especially taking in account that there might be sections with the same name in different files.

Anyway - thank you both for providing your help files.
Posted on 2006-03-09 23:11:19 by The Svin
5. I rtf and chm help files we can often read descriptions like
"Group= Use project groups, TRUE or FALSE"
Actually in ini and rap files 1 or 0 are used instead of TRUE\FALSE.
Why don't put at least at the begining of the rft file a note about it?
Something like this:
"TRUE" and "FALSE" denoted as 1 and 0 numerical for RadAsm configuration files entries.
You see TRUE and FALSE not always associated with 1 and 0, to say more
one can missunderstand you and type exactly english word "TRUE" as value for some vars in some RadAsm file.

Also, IMHO, it worths to say that - if some var. does not exist at (for example) rap file at all it means the same as if that var. would be set to "0"
(if the var. is of boolean type)
For example if there is no "Debug=..." in rap. file, then it means the same if there was:

6. Again, there are many notes like this:
"Maintained by RadASM project wizard and project options"

This notes don't help much. Could it be more explicite?
Where in project options and wizard steps those values are set?
Posted on 2006-03-13 01:10:47 by The Svin
Hi The Svin

1. No. Not in my interest. Maintaining 1 file is difficult enough.
2. Donkey does not maintain the help file anymore, I do.
3. Not a spelling error but Norwegian.
4. There is a logic. If referencing current ini file no reference to an ini file is given.
5. Agree.
6. Not very important (unless you are making a RadASM clone). What is important is Manually maintained.

Be shure I am doing my best, but as usual the time I am able to spend is limitted.

Posted on 2006-03-13 03:45:38 by KetilO

Be shure I am doing my best, but as usual the time I am able to spend is limitted.

I have no doubts about it. You are doing enormous amount of great job with RadAsm. My intentions are not for critics, just a way to provide you with a view of one of humble users, to make your and mine job a little bit easier.

1. No. Not in my interest. Maintaining 1 file is difficult enough.

I can say more, since you said:

2. Donkey does not maintain the help file anymore, I do.

If you do it - you don't need RadAsmini.rtf at all.
RadAsm.chm already has text of RadAsmini.rtf included.
And in RadAsm.chm the text has already been divided into 3 chapters:
RadAsm.ini, Assemler.ini and project(rap) files.
All you need - just follow up the text in chm file to the latest in RadAsmini.rtf, 'cause one in RadAsm.chm was taken from some old RadAsmini.rtf and differ a little bit from latest version of RadAsmini.rtf.

Just for academic interest I could argue your point that maintaining of 3 files is more work then maintaining just 1.
For example in our programming work we'd prefer to keep source in several files instead of one, and usually it does our work easier.
It usually saves time for searching.
You see writer and reader share many common points working with text.
For example, while reading something in your RadAsmini.rtf I see
"Se in Assembler.ini"
What would I do to find it? Usually there are 2 options:
I can scroll trying to catch "" with my eyes
I can use "Find" feature in Word processor.
The latter is much easier, but in this case it's difficult to use "Find", 'cause
section can be in Assembler.ini description and in rap file description, thus firstly I need to find part of RadAsmini.rtf that describes Assembler.ini, then I'm searching in this part for .
You as writer can be at the same position; for example you need to change\add something in description of in Assembler.ini description. Then you (writer) in the same manner as reader need firstly ensure that you found the right section (section of Assembler.ini description), and only then you are searching for to edit.

As I explained all these arguments are just for academic interest :)
Since if you maintain RadAsm.chm - you don't need RadAsmini.rtf at all, 'cause it just duplicates info that is in RadAsm.chm. And descriptions are already divided.

Thank you for your replies.
Posted on 2006-03-14 02:34:58 by The Svin

3. Not a spelling error but Norwegian.

I see... Next time if I don't find it in English dictionary I look at Norwegian one :)

4. There is a logic. If referencing current ini file no reference to an ini file is given.

Understood. Thanx.

6. Not very important (unless you are making a RadASM clone). What is important is Manually maintained.

Well, I'm not making RadAsm clone; yet it is of my interest.
When you learn something you need kinda system approach for your studdings.
First time I tried systemize RadAsm features through keyboard shortcuts (the list of them in RadAsm.chm is mine by both content and format, and made years ago. BTW I think it needs to be updated, I'm afraid it's not full for present RadAsm features). For years using RadAsm I still fill incompleteness in my knowledge of it. So I've started systemizing the knowledge through inners of config files and inner syntax.
Thus to me it's interesting what interface handles relative to the entries in the config files. For example where in RadAsm those "Debug=..." etc. are set. And so on.

Posted on 2006-03-15 01:30:46 by The Svin

This is the latest RadASMini.rtf, belived to be acurate to

Posted on 2006-03-15 17:28:04 by KetilO
Thank you for the new rtf file.
I have a question about following parameters in a .rap file
RadAsmini.rtf says:
"Maintained by RadASM project wizard and project options."
I haven't found how these parameters could be altered in project creation stage. As far as I got it - project wizard (at least for masm projects) doesn't allow to change the default values of these parameters on a creation stage.
It always creates:
and doesn't create Debug= at all.
So the way to change it - just create the project in the way Project Wizard does it, and then - go to project option, where Debug\Release can be changed, along with Group and GroupExpand.
Am I right or there is a way to change those parameters on project creation stage?

"Binary path where rc.exe, ml.exe and link.exe is found"
should be
"Binary path where rc.exe, ml.exe and link.exe are found"
there are many simular grammar errors.
Posted on 2006-03-16 13:14:57 by The Svin
Quote from RadAsmini.rtf (last edition you provided)

"Use O; for 16 bit programs on
win95, 98 or me to avoid hang."

I don't understand is semicolumn included in syntax or not?
May be in your file when you mention special words you format them in special format to comprehand and differ where is special syntax word and where is just description words. Italics, color or something else to separate them from normal text.

For example:
Use O; for 16 bit programs on
win95, 98 or me to avoid hang.

"me" here is Windows ME? I don't think you meant "on me" as "on you", do you? Usually you can call all of them 9x, Windows ME included in the 9x term.
Posted on 2006-03-19 13:33:26 by The Svin
I'm a little bit lost again while reading RadAsmini.rtf
Quote from the file:

Maintained by RadASM project wizard and project options.

Menu= See Assembler.ini section
x=DelCheck,Out,Command,F1[,F2[,Fx]] See Assembler.ini section "

Following the instruction I went to Assembler.ini description

1. In there is no "Menu="
The only thing that looked simular was "MenuMake=".
Is it what I should look for in description of ?

2. About "x=DelCheck,Out,Command,F1[,F2[,Fx]]" there is no description, but further reference - "See "
So reference "See Assembler.ini..." is reference to reference :)

Ok it's not tragedy, worse is that I don't understand (or be sure that I understand it right way) one thing:
in description I can read:
"MenuMake= List of TRUE or FALSE to activate make menu."
So I understand that for example
"MenuMake=0,1,1..." would mean to not create the first make menu item, create the second and the third and so on...
But what is in this case the first menu item, the second etc.? How could I use it without knowing where to look up it?
While searching in masm.ini I found in
"MenuMake=Compile RC,Assemble,Link,Build,..."
Is that it? And in the same order as those booleans?
I mean if in Project section there are
MenuMake=Compile RC,Assemble,Link,Build,...
and in rap file Menu=0,1,1,1...
Then it means
-Not create Menu "Compile RC"
-Create menu "Assemble","Link","Build"...

Am I right? Or there are other relations between those MenuMake=0,1,1,1,0,0
and menu items it referenses to?

Posted on 2006-03-23 19:37:53 by The Svin