I need some people, who would help me with the flat assembler Win32 development; especially writing/adapting more Win32 examples/tutorials; making some external resource compiler and AsmHelp project - extension to AsmWork (just hit F1 with caret on the instruction/API symbol and get the complete reference...).
If you can help, please mail to fasm@metro-nt.pl

PS. My new official homepage address is http://fasm.metro-nt.pl
Posted on 2001-12-09 14:06:59 by Tomasz Grysztar

I have played with this prog, and look forward to the new version.
I am glad to see people working on tools, that are available to everyone, so that programming in general grows, and is NOT restricted to only people who can afford Commercial progs.
BTW, Inprise, formally Borland Released its Delphi package as a FREE DL, usual must register to DL, but they by doing this may garner MANY people to their fold. It is about 140 megs.

I am clearing space on my drive to DL it, at 56 it going to take a while. My drive in a small 6 gig, came with the system, that I got used from a friend that builds systems as a hobby. He has now 6 full systems. Mine is a 500MHZ with a burner, 256Meg memory, and a 19 inch monitor. Paid 600 for it. Lucked out in finding it.

Good luck with FASM, hope to see more on it here, BTW any results while playing with FASM I will post here, or send E-mail.

Posted on 2001-12-27 18:45:57 by Anunitu
If you're on dialup, don't waste your time on delphi. Better yet, don't
waste your time on delphi on matter what :).
Posted on 2001-12-27 23:19:52 by f0dder
Personal experiance f0dder? I had wondered if it was a rehash of pascal, and wanted to check it out, I did DL their commend line tools for C++, and with a free Editor that allows compiling from within the editor, I have found it useful for minor projects. I messed with Pascal many years ago, but would have thought it would have improved. I know pascal had MANY irritating quirks, But I had hoped Borland was better than MS, I tend to like TASM for some things, and Winasm for other functions. The one main reason I keep TASM is it runs in dos, and when Win98 crashed on me, I was doing things in dos for a bit. Took me 7 hours to reinstall Windows, glitch after glitch. I am sure you have been through that. I am very much thinking of migrating to Linux, even though the learning curve is steep. Also, if Lindows delivers on its Linux that will run Windows progs, I can program in BOTH. do and app for linux, another wor Windows, and NOT need two OS's to test them, at 6 gigs, there isn't much room for both, and programs and My doc files on programming. I want a bigger drive, but being on disability, shot on cash. Programming is my MAIN interest in life, So, I do what I love on a used system, with less than optimal resources.


Also just burned my first CD bootable With Dos 7 on it and tools for emergency crashes. Once was enough. Lot more tools on a cd, then a floppy, and copied all system files for windows to a cd, with a LIST, of where they are, and their function. So Messed DLL file, I replace IT, and not a complete session with win install.
I don't need an installer, I need a LIST of where files belong. Back in dos people could figure out where to put things, from a simple list, now most surfers, and users are so dumbed down, they need a babysitter just to go online. My upstairs neighbor, usually comes to me with his system problems, but thats a favor. He got hit by the I love you vb script, I searched, and found a cleaner prog. Guess what, just today he asked me to look at his system, it was acting up. what do I find, but a varient of the ILY that is Just a tad MORE distructive, wacked the registery, over wrote system files. looks like a term script, running at each boot, and doing a little damage. I printed out the first one to follow the code, then I notice this one is different, the cleaner prog does NOT see the script file at ALL. Some script Kiddie, with a little script knowledge hacks out a more destructive clone, and WHO gets blamed for this. Anyone that says "I am a Hacker", a term that did not have the negative connatations it has now. My opinion of my upstairs neighbor dropped, I TRIED to explain how he could avert getting hit by a script again, gave him sites to check out, and thought a push might educate him. His Virus detector didn't even pop up!, I transferred the script, nutered by renaiming it to TEXT, and when I popped the Floppy in my drive, MY virus detector POPPED up, even though it was a text file. NOW thats a virus detector. It is anoying from time to time, when it pops on a false hit, but better a little bother, than a flushed system. I tried to teach him a few things, gave him sites to check out, and still, with extensions SHOWING (I turned them on for him) He DLed an MP# file, that just happens to DL in 15 seconds, and with the vbs extension showing, Click, Screwed system. If I had the money, I would buy the damn system off him, It is wasted on him. 20 gig drive, nice burner, 800GHZ, could use the resources. and Maybe, just maybe, if he asks if I can FIX it, I might say no, I see about 15 hours of hacking around to replace what the script wiped. If I was a Pro fixer, I would charge him a minimum of $50 an hour just to check it. Thats about what the system is worth, being about 6 months old. I may buy it off him for "SCRAP", parts, at maybe $50, Cause I am sure NOT being waken up at 11:30 by the dumb S* wanting me to FIX his icons.

End of Rant, next Service line horrer story!

Just my rambling, please excuse my vent. I just HATE seeing a NICE machine being wasted, when some POOR PROGRAMMER would LOVE a system like that, to LEARN, instead it just being a F* Game machine. For that there is Playstation I and II, let the Programm use the machines to create GOOD progs, and the KIDS stay in the kids room.


Posted on 2001-12-28 08:01:35 by Anunitu

> Just my rambling, please excuse my vent. I just HATE seeing a NICE machine
> being wasted, when some POOR PROGRAMMER would LOVE a system like that, to
> LEARN, instead it just being a F* Game machine. For that there is
> Playstation I and II, let the Programm use the machines to create GOOD
> progs, and the KIDS stay in the kids room.

Anunitu, I feel your pain brother; I'm still hacking on a shitty system too.
It's not all bad though, using a crappy system keeps you down to earth I
suppose. You have an appreciation for small, reliable, and efficient code.
If I had some cable and a CPU running at GHz speeds all that would probably go
out the window, hell why code when you can leech porn, mp3's and games all
day? Anyway, WTF is wrong with your setup? I would kill for a machine like
that! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

In regards to ignorant people; don't we all suffer from this? I ask mum for
advice on girls, I ask dad to fix my car, they ask me to fix the computer.
We're all ignorant, and we all have our talents so I don't think it's right to
judge people in that way. I couldn't give a crap how my car works; it stops
when I want it to stop, goes where I want it to go, when it breaks I ask
someone to fix it--I guess that's how this guy feels about his computer.

Posted on 2001-12-28 08:58:36 by Boggy
Delphi is basically a heap of junk. It's okay if you need to write a
quick frontend for something, where the frontend will be the largest
part of the code. But I still wouldn't use deplhi for that. Too much
bloat. Sure, you can do "raw api" in delphi as well as in C or Asm.
But if you take away the VCL from delphi, there's no point in using
it at all. The language is limited compared to C, and their compiler

Borlands C++ compiler sucks as well, and the "FreeCommandLineTools"
version is very bad - for instance their printf uses C++ iostreams
for it's work, resulting in massive bloat. Free C/C++ compiler? Lcc-win32
if you don't need C++, digital mars if you do.

But I had hoped Borland was better than MS

Afraid not.

I am sure you have been through that.

Yep, and I have learnt. Takes me about 2-3 hours to do a full reinstall
and apply most of the tweaks I use. I'm going back to using Norton Ghost
again soon, that way a reinstall will take me 7-10 minutes and can be done
from a bootable CD :).

Linux? Forget about it. It's no good for a desktop OS. Fine for serverstuff,
though I prefer BSD (stuck with linux right now because I needed a decent
encrypting filesystem). If you want to develop for both linux and windows,
install win2k on your box, and run slackware 8 under vmware. Slackware can be
installed with a minimum of superfluous packages, making it ideal for small
machines. But there isn't much point in getting involved with all the opensource
stuff... by looking at opensource code, especially the linux stuff, you get the
impression that these guys make opensource because they are too poor programmers
to be able to get a job ;). Quite different situation with the BSD family though,
these guys are *skilled*.
Posted on 2001-12-28 12:59:38 by f0dder
Ahem. These posts belong in the heap; not butchering someone else's thread.
Posted on 2001-12-28 13:36:00 by eet_1024
true, eet. Sorry. Next time I'll try posting a "see my reply in this
new thread" sorta reply instead... gotta keep thread pollution down.
(And probably it belongs in The Crusades, not in The Heap ;) ).
Posted on 2001-12-28 13:49:56 by f0dder
Flames don't bother me, lack of an mind does, not you Fodder, its one reason I reged on here, a chance to TALK, and maybe be understood, and learning. I pride myself on my mind, but it does NOT remain open, then I might as will close shop and hit the rest home. I am 55, memory going, and my "HOBBY" is about it. Not a bad way to finish off your life. doing exactly what you want, moneys tight, but I don't have a boss, being on disability, so lots of time for thinking. I don't much like seeing a war going on, one was more than enough for me. That War I mention was back in 65-69, my time on sabatical in beautifal lush tropical NAM..so the fact I am sitting here, typing is a plus. some friends didn't get the plus. So, its all gravy till the break.

Breaking out the purple-K

Posted on 2001-12-28 15:09:05 by Anunitu