I have difficulty (mainly Prof.-laziness) in writing demos.
Today I start a simple addition to my asmshell and decided to
do it not as dlg of it but as separate module with some interface
, which can communicate with any process knowing its communication interface. It's still raw and there a lot of room
of opt. and refining. I did it as separate module not just to show how exe might
exchange data without usual sharing technique but also to
show some ideas in real code, and I'm under circumstances when
it's difficult to find or write appropriate useful code to submit.
I'm not sure if I've been able to clarify my point so I'd better
stop those misery explanations )
I just have internet for now and not sure for the near future
so I decide to sent it AS IS.
Code have comment mainly in Russian, later I translate it.
It's a simple help on Window styles utility allowed to watch
grouped data about style, choose styles and insert build on
choice cumulative style or in clipboard or caller edit window.
You may choose either numeric(h) or symbolic format for output. There are a lot of detail and hidden features to be explained.
But I do it later when translate comments and may be include
some additions and changes.
For now I hope you can find some interesting ideas looking through code, and may be find it useful to use the app as utility. Most interesting algo in it not in the app itself but in auxiliary module (I especially called it algo.exe so you wouldn't miss it)
it serves absolutely temporary purpose but has some techniques
that I'm sure be useful for anybody deeply interested on string
constructions (mainly in speed of those construction)
As for the rest - later
To select into "chosen" double click, the same to deselect.
You can see current selected item value and description.
You can see or'ed selected items value.
Styles grouped by classes. Choose class and work with styles of
the class. Class list box is right one.
Its imitate one many relative link. "Imitate" 'cause it's done not
in relative db technique.
Posted on 2001-12-10 01:00:45 by The Svin
nice util and looks really interesting
Posted on 2001-12-10 23:50:32 by Allanon
Dear Svin, thank you.
I was looking how to visualize those bitmasks myself.
I liked your util very much.
BTW, you have a nice clear & modular pragramming approach.:alright:
Posted on 2001-12-11 00:55:24 by Andycar
nice tool and code,
thank you very much.
Posted on 2001-12-11 10:25:15 by CYDONIA
I am glad that you found some use of the code.
It has been changed (aditional info added and optimized)
but I didn't translate comments yet.
I just wish to send couple procs which used by the app but
not in the m32lib yet so you may get errors compiling it.
And I also have to say about function "InTo Summoner EditBox"
If you call this app (for example using CreateProcess) from another app, you can pass handle of any edit window HEX string as parameter.
If this case the button "Into Summoner EditBox" will be active and
will insert created style string into edit window handle of wich you send as parameter, you can change any time this window to
insert to by sending WM_NEWEDIT with new editbox handle or
just by creating the Style app againg with new parameter
(it wouldn't create second copy 'cause my app checking if its instance is already running and if it is the second copy just sends
parameter to the first and exits)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about - let me know and I'll
write some stupid text editor or alike and show how to communicate between windows of the editor and the "Style" app windows.
Posted on 2001-12-18 02:58:22 by The Svin
I've made some changes and additions.
Implement WhatsIt.
Add ownerdrawn status, and some graphic effects.
Main change is - query to see styles separeted to three groups
Virtual (value = 0 absolutly senceless symbols)
Prime and Complex
Double click on main window and you can see query dlg.
Hlp file in Russian, sorry.
But actually it's done mostly to show one of the way to implement WhatsIt
Posted on 2002-01-31 18:47:40 by The Svin