The FindFirstUrlCacheEntryEx proto in my file has 10 dwords and causes assembler error because it should only have 9 parameters. Editing and changing it to 9 dwords causes linker error. Has anybody successfully used this function in MASM and how do I fix it?

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Posted on 2001-12-11 08:59:05 by czDrillard
The GroupID parameter is a GROUPID type value, and is passed directly (i.e. not by reference with a pointer). The GROUPID type is typedef'ed in wininet.h as LONGLONG, which means it's a 64-bit value. You can use the full 64-bit value as parameter by first giving the lower DWORD as parameter, then the higher DWORD as second parameter.

Btw I was wondering: CreateUrlCacheGroup returns a GROUPID value. As it's a 64-bit value, how is this value returned?
Is EDX:EAX the default for the win32 API?

Posted on 2001-12-11 13:55:57 by Thomas
Thanks Thomas but I still don't understand. MS documentation says use '0' for group ID to enumerate all entries. The function syntax 'FindFirst...' is:

HANDLE FindFirstUrlCacheEntryEx(
LPCSTR lpszUrlSearchPattern,
DWORD dwFlags,
DWORD dwFilter,
LPDWORD lpdwFirstCacheEntryInfoBufferSize,
LPVOID lpReserved,
LPDWORD pcbReserved2,
LPVOID lpReserved3

Function takes 9 parameters, why protoype 10 DWORDS?
GROUPID has this characteristics:

GROUPID value that indicates the cache group to enumerate. Set the value to 0 to enumerate all entries that are not grouped.

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Posted on 2001-12-11 22:41:46 by czDrillard
because GROUPID is a 64-bit value, the groupID parameter isn't a DWORD, but a QWORD. However the l2inc util can't detect what parameter types are used but just divides the total parameter size by 4 to get the number of DWORD parameters.. because a QWORD consists of two DWORDS, you'll get one extra..
One thing you could do is change the prototype to have a QWORD parameter, the other thing is splitting the QWORD in two dwords:

invoke FindFirstUrlCacheEntryEx, \
lpszUrlSearchPattern, \
[b]lower dword of the GroupID QWORD value[/b],\
[b]higher dword of the GroupID QWORD value[/b],

When using null for GroupID, of course both lower and higher dwords have to be null.

When using this method your code remains compatible with the default masm32 includes...

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Posted on 2001-12-12 05:45:13 by Thomas
Hi Thomas,

Used your DWORD suggestion and everything works.
Some reason I never picked up information that GroupID was QWORD size paramater.

Btw, how did you get this information? are you the wizard :)

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Posted on 2001-12-13 01:07:26 by czDrillard
I immediately thought of non-dword parameters as the same happens with ChildWindowFromPoint (Here a POINT structure is given directly instead of by reference, so the second parameter is 2x32-bits here too). I searched msdn for your function and saw that all parameters were dwords or pointers (read: dwords), except for the GroupID parameter. I couldn't find the GROUPID type defenition at msdn, but I found it in the C header files typedef'ed as longlong (64-bit long value).

Posted on 2001-12-13 04:40:24 by Thomas