I like to use a NagScreen when program starts
in this nag i check some settings and the %amount i want to show in a progress bar.
first all works fine..nag pop up..settings checked and progress bar count up.
then i use some Sleep functions to make it a bit slower..because the checking works much fast and looks like if he
check nothing.
now i see the nag screen only at end of the functions :-(
i dont understand why the results are not shown when a single sleep function has ended.
i need to know how to make a short break when a sleep function has ended to show up the results.

call nagscreen...

i use like this:

function 1....
show result function 1 <-- the function to show the % in progress bar

show result function2 <-- the function to show the % in progress bar

call EndDialog,NAG....

i hear that in delphi is a "apicall" for doing a short break for refreshing program settings when using Sleep function
but dont remember the name or anything what helps to find more info on this.
can someone help ?

Posted on 2001-12-14 09:29:32 by Max
Hello !
Use SetTimer to set a timer.
Then place the functions onto the WM_TIMER message handler of your window...

Bye !

Posted on 2001-12-14 09:37:50 by JCP