How can i use animated Icons ?
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Posted on 2001-12-14 17:33:44 by Moritz
Posted on 2001-12-14 18:32:51 by bitRAKE
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Thanks for this tip !
Posted on 2001-12-15 04:50:33 by Moritz
I dont really know how to do this as well, so im now curious. Are you getting at the AVI styles to animate an Icon??

Noticed the API referece talks about this generally, but doesnt exactly suggest it works for icons...

/AVI illiterate :grin:

Posted on 2001-12-16 14:07:59 by NaN
I always suspected that people are interested in dolls (AKA visual effects) more then in real useful work apps can do :)
I thought it wrong and tried to avoid sending visual apps :)
To animate icon size pictures use simple icon control and accociate
picture for control with ani resource.
You can create ani from any icons. Long ago I wrote utility to do it but its not in my property so I'm not free to submit it. By I belive there are lots of free progs that do the same.
Avi control (SysAnimate32) is used to play AVI files not animated icons. The easiest way to create autoplaying avi is to create SysAnimate32 window as child(control) using ACS_AUTOPLAY and
accociate it with avi resource.
I saw avi example somewhere around and was buffled what the author wished to say about it (it wasn't a moving picture inside window). But 'cause I thought that all this stuff is just childish pacifiers I would say nothing.
But if people are so kin on iserting moving pictures inside windows
I can write simple stupid example on how to do it.
It's much esier than Hutch's BM algo, which is real piece of work.
Shall I?
Posted on 2001-12-18 03:40:51 by The Svin
thanks you dont need to code such a function !
not all are coding super deluxe tools without bad gfx.
some learn coding just for fun to make in free time some gfx demos.

since im a beginner i dont know how to make rasterbars ,so i try to use a animated icon.
Posted on 2001-12-18 04:05:17 by Moritz
I hope I didn't insult you in any way :)
I myself amd a beginner in many fields and some code write just for fun. And I do use visual effects when it appriciated more than real hard work.
But there is difference between ordinary people and us asm programmers in estimation what is really hard and usefull (some time even revolutionary) code.
I don't mind if people use easy to do effects writing asm programms. What I don't like that when ignorance in asm programming remains unchanged from month to month while asm programmer studing again and again new easy effect and at the time can't manage at least in middle level control blocks flags and basic commands.
So my irony mostly not against visual effects but against preference towards easy effects from really asm specific programming topics :)

When I just started I remember that I was thrilled when I looked for the first time inside abbis in darkness in the very heart of computer. I mean inside cpu though debugger :)

Of course you are on you way, but if I may - can I suggest a simple but interesting task for you?
It will be fun! 'Cause you actually can solve it using assembler in
such an effective way that no one C compiler (without inline assembler can)
We need to calculate surface of box.
You of course remember the formula:
2wl + 2hl + 2 hw
eax = w
ecx = l
h = 3
timing of instructions
shl - 1
add r,r -1
mul - 11

Find the surface value the fastest possible way.
Good luck! Have a fun!
Posted on 2001-12-18 05:02:57 by The Svin
   lea ebx,[eax + ecx]

mul ecx
;put another instruction here on Athlon
lea ebx,[ebx + ebx*2]
add eax,eax
;two more instructions here, too...
lea eax,[eax + ebx*2]
:grin: {me}
	lea edx,[ecx+3]

mul edx
lea ecx,[ecx+ecx*2]
add eax,ecx
shl eax,1
With all do respect, VC++ 7.0 generated this code! :eek:
Posted on 2001-12-19 00:12:59 by bitRAKE
This is 4 clocks faster:

lea edx,[2*ecx+2*3] ; 2l+2h 1 clk
lea ecx,[2*ecx+ecx] ; lh 0 clk
imul edx ; 2wl+2wh 10 clk
lea eax, ; 2wl+2wh+2lh 1 clk
nop ; bonus 0 clk ;)
Posted on 2001-12-23 21:57:04 by The Svin