im in need of a small ftp uploader to upload quick files to my website ,i would much happy if someone can show me also a function how to get the file back.
im not familiar with networking and cant find a sample by searching google ,iczelions site dont work.

im coding a small pager and the actual ip + username is written to an INI file and should uploaded to my website by using ftp ,so other users can get this file and read out the ip and usernames.

Posted on 2001-12-15 08:29:50 by Max
I've found that using a CGI script works a LOT better. No hassle with ftp usernames & passwords. Just send info, and retrieve info from your website. Create or aquire (i have a simple script i wrote to do this) a CGI script that will just recv some info sent to it. It can create a whatever.* file and check it periodicly or add/delete entries in it. The sky is the limit. If you need some help, just mail me. I used this method to recieve user responses to my program. Sort of a direct message to my website, instead of to my email account. Which is sent via the program.

Good luck!
Posted on 2001-12-15 10:06:02 by Nokturnal
Thanks for the Tip !
cgi sounds much better and i simply think not about it first.
i will try to use it ,if i dont get it working alone i take your offer and ask you by sending a email ,thanks a lot ;)

but first i take a look at this alone.
Posted on 2001-12-18 04:19:41 by Max