I am coding a little program which goal is to erase the files which are used by IE in order to keep tracks of all the visited sites. I know that some softwares already exist to do this but I want to
write my own, just to learn something. So I wrote a recursive function to explore and delete files in 3 directories:
windows\cookies ; windows\history ; window\temporary intenet files .
But I was faced with a problem when I tried to delete files which name are "index.dat" (could it crash my computer, never mind) . In order to see what was happening, I tried to write something
in these "index.dat" and I discovered that my changes where not taken into account BECAUSE the process "explorer" uses them as memory mapped files. I found that it is possible to erase these files using "OpenFileMapping" but to o this the "name of the file mapping object" is needed. After reading and reading all my (poor) available documentation I did not found any other method
to find his "name of the file mapping object" than issuing some "ReadProcessMemory" on the process explorer. The method works but I think that it is to brutal and I would like to use a clever method.
Do someone could give me an idea ? Thank you.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Posted on 2001-12-15 16:24:45 by velladas