After a couple of very happy weeks using the latest version of Ewayne's AsmEdit I struck a problem this morning. I happened to try to paste a bit of text that I'd copied from Iczelion's Tutorial 17, the dummy DLL, into a new asm doc. I noticed that not all the words I'd copied and pasted were visible. Not to worry, shut down AsmEdit without saving then restarted it by double-clicking on another asm file in explorer. All the words were visible, sort of, but the coloured ones had had their colours separated, like on a very old TV set with ghosting problems, eg comments showed up as red text starting in the right place followed by the same text in green starting 1 to 10 characters to the right of the original. Pretty, but not very legible. The red letters at the start and the green letters at the end of the line were OK, but the red letters overtyped with *different* green letters in the middle were totally illegible. Blue text, includes and includelibs, showed up in the right colour but slightly blurry. Unlike the red/green combination I could actually read it, I just had to sit a bit closer to the screen. What's worse, *every* asm file I opened after that was equally illegible, and for the same reason. Not to worry (much), I figured it was something I'd done, though I didn't know what, in the last day or so (everything was OK yesterday). So I started up System Restore and set it back to yesterday morning. Problem solved. So I started up IE and tut17, copied and pasted again, problem returned. System Restore again. After going through this cycle once again I finally decided that the only thing I've done in the last 24 hours that was likely to have screwed things up is the copy-and-paste from Icky's tut (.htm) to Ewayne's editor (.asm). So I start up IE with tut 17, Save As text, open in Notepad, copy a section, paste in AsmEdit, no probs.
But what I can't work out is WHY! Obviously pasting .htm text screws up the Rich Text colour somehow, though I can't see why it happened now rather than a fortnight ago when I first started copying and pasting html text from Icky's tuts into AsmEdit. And what's more it has persistence. Between the first pasted text with missing words and loading the asm file with the red/green comments I shut down AsmEdit, shutdown 'doze, powered off, powered on, rebooted and restarted AsmEdit. It must have saved its screwed-up colours somewhere.
So from now on I just don't copy text from html pages and paste it in AsmEdit, System Restore doesn't take long but its a pain anyway.
Anyone have any ideas what happened?
Posted on 2001-12-16 02:45:18 by peterverstappen

I tried to duplicate your problem, with no luck. AsmEdit worked fine on copy/paste of Iczelion's Tut17 for me. Have you contacted Ewayne about it? He's very good at troubleshooting.
Posted on 2001-12-16 14:18:46 by gscundiff
Thanks for your efforts, . Who knows, it might even be an intermittent h/w problem... I have evidence that suggests that I have one (that's what I get for buying cheap from Gateway), even apart from the (sometimes multiple times) daily 'Windows Explorer has detected an error in ??? Windows Explorer is now crashing' message and the (at least weekly) similar message from IE. I also have a copy of Mastermind written in VB. It contains the sub below which is intended to keep the form pretty much anchored in the center of the screen: move the form and the next repaint puts it back in the center. Every once in a while I start it up and instead of being 1/2 way across the screen it is 1/3 of the way across the screen. The obvious way that this could happen is if a passing cosmic ray (or alpha particle fallout left over from pommy nuke tests in Australia in the '50s) happened to flip the lowest bit of the memory location containing the divisor 2, converting it to a 3. Must be terrible when I can't trust my own h/w.

Private Sub Form_Paint()
If frmMasterMind.WindowState = vbNormal Then
With frmMasterMind
.Left = (Screen.Width - frmMasterMind.Width) / 2
.Top = (Screen.Height - frmMasterMind.Height) / 2
End With
End If
End Sub

Looks like I'll just have to learn to live with it.
Posted on 2001-12-17 03:35:23 by peterverstappen
PV, sounds like strange old bugs indeed... but the copy+paste
errors keep returning, so it can't be a hardware problem... those
are usually pretty erratic. Or cause crashes (:. Perhaps you have
a b0rked richedit version? (Not like there's any version of RichEdit
that works really really really well...)
Posted on 2001-12-17 04:46:10 by f0dder