I'm in the process of writing a special little API engine that has a list of API's and their platform of relevance, Unicode, and some other small info that will be filterable and searchable. So if you only want to support win98 as a minimum, you can say that and only the API's that are compatible will show up, or if you want XP, then it'll show what API's will work with XP or if you don't want XP you can filter all XP API's out... then, there will be examples of how to use each API in various syntaxes, such as NASM, MASM32, TASM, SPASM.

You can see some screenshots here. The download would be 3MB so I'll wait until I rewrite it in something other than VB.

I'll write the engine and the program, but I'm not capable of writing an examples for each of the various API's unless you want to wait 3 years.

Look at the snaps, if you like it, let me know. I'm hoping I can release this and people can contribute and we can all build the examples together, but I'll certainly do everything else, if need be.


Posted on 2001-12-16 03:57:56 by _Shawn
very good idea. this will help much all of us

good work and much respect:alright:
if i could help i will:alright:

Posted on 2001-12-16 06:51:06 by NEMO
Shawn... Bullock, i presume. ;)

The solution for this is not to write all this uge documentation because
it already exist. In SpAsm Assembler, when the user Right-Clicks upon an
api call, a Dialog is opened that shows the full syntax with expected
parameters, including the DLL Name. I don't know if my actual list is up
to date because i didn't work at this since some time now... and i don't
care at all of XP.

I have these lists under various forms but, may be, you should open another
thread here with the question "Where are the Ascii api Lists files?". I sure
someone knows...

Just a couple of remarks:

* You introduced the available Assemblers in the wrong order. The precedence
order should be:



* It is 2 years too early to start this project.

* You'd better begin this project in Asm as soon as possible... unless you
really want to do the work two times: I actually have it as an Asii File,
in the form of, for example:

PVOID pbFont, ; font resource
DWORD cbFont, ; number of bytes in font resource
PVOID pdv, ; Reserved. Must be 0.
DWORD *pcFonts ; number of fonts installed

That is only 450 Ko size...

* The Lists should be available in ascii form, so that the various IDEs
authors can reuse it in another way, if they like to.

* To recreate the api List, if update needed, i am fully sure that the
right way is to write a Parser to retrieve these from C headers'Files. As
opposed to other data in these damned Files, the Api concerned lines are
in a regular enough syntax. If you are interrested, send me a mail
(betov@free.fr) and i will back you the files i have and an email of a good
guy who already worked upon this problem (... in the past,... i don't know
if he is still at it...).

Bye, Betov.

PS. Where are you with "Converting C to Asm Part III" ???... I am waiting
for it to finish the third release of the Assembly Tutorials Collection.
Posted on 2001-12-16 13:45:16 by Betov