how can i code a function that makes a backup of my actual bootsektor ?
Someone has information on this or a idea how to do it ?
I try hours searching infos on this and found only how to destroy my bootsector but now how to safe them to disk :-(

norton use such a function to protect the bootsector and i like to understand and code such a function ,too :-)

Posted on 2001-12-17 04:35:39 by Max
Under NT and above, it's oh so very easy. You simply use CreateFile
with a special name (\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0), and you can read (and
possibly write?) your drive directly... have a look at the CreateFile
PlatformSDK infomation.

Under 9x I dunno, but I guess you'd have to write a VxD or mess
with the thunk stuff - I believe there were some earlier posts here
on thunking.
Posted on 2001-12-17 04:40:10 by f0dder

youre magic arent you ?
because i press on post message and when the page refreshed i see your posting as answer :-)
very fast.

hm im using win98 and at this time i try to translate the word "thunking" to find more info on what you told me.

when i understand you right ,there is a "api" call for read/write the bootsector.
so i think its better to make a hook on it and dont allow any changes to it ,if user press the forbidden button.

i will see what i find and post infos here

Posted on 2001-12-17 04:48:09 by Max
this link will help:
Posted on 2001-12-17 07:36:42 by mob
Max, about reading MBR reading under W95,
you could take a look to my stupid program.

To read the MBR i've chose this way:

1-Created a 16bit dll where i've put a function that perfomr a call to DPMI service int31h that can emulate a call to bios int13h physical sector reading.
2-From32 bit code i call the function inside the 16bit dll, using the undocumented QT_Thunk function.

What i've done is translating to asm one of the many C examples.

There will probably be some faster trik that some wizard of asm know.

My program is in development :) but if you do "Tools->Edit Sector->Read Sector", you will see your MBR.

Hope it help, Good Luck ! :alright:
Posted on 2001-12-17 12:25:28 by Bit7
Max, about reading MBR reading under W95,
you could take a look to my stupid program.

Stupid Program ?!?
whoa wish it was from me ;)

your tool is very usefull for me ,im shure if you publish it you get good responce.

i use now 2 com files (found in web) who save/write the bootsector but i like it more if i understand what exactly happend so i start soon learning more about the bootsector :)

Posted on 2001-12-18 07:52:26 by Max