i have now 180kb sourcecode.asm and when i insert more functions i got an error when i try to compile it = out of hash spaces

like i insert nothing more then this:

test2222222 db 'test',0 = i got the error !
test db 'test',0 = works but i cant insert another one.

i think not that this is the error message shown up when i reach the code limit .
but it looks like the end :-)
so what happend here ?

more infos on what i use:

.model flat, stdcall

then i split the source in 6 xyz.inc files
not included in the source size are the resources ,180kb pure text.

im a bit frustrated ,working months on this tool and now i cant finish it because i need space for the other functions.

i hope a reader know what i make wrong.......bad day today.
Posted on 2001-12-17 10:35:55 by Max
ok i found a tip and translate it.....must say now im more confused then before :(

so the hash spaces is the place where the compiler mix my xyz.inc files ?
then i have to change the 6 inc files to 1...hm

heres what i found:
----------- Your Original Text ----------------
As to your first Q, hash space is what the compiler uses to parse your code. If the compiler is out of it, it's got its knickers in a twist.

-- Translation Results by SDL International --
Bez?glich IHRES ERSTEN Q, hash ist Platz, was der Compiler benutzt, ihren Code zu zergliedern. Wenn der Compiler aus ihm ist, wird es seinen knickers in einer Drehung erhalten. <--- alles klar

i try to mix them to 1 file and look later if a reader know what that to do.

Posted on 2001-12-17 10:52:21 by Max
add /kh# switch to your tasm32 cmdline i.e

tasm32 /kh32768 /mx /m3 /z /q my.asm
Posted on 2001-12-17 15:42:51 by LaptoniC
Thanks a lot for this Tip !
I sit the whole night to optimize my code and reduce the size from 180 to 130kb ,now i have the space i needed to finish my tool.


when i browse the web i cant find infos about this problem.
since im not on the way to become a prof. coder ,i try to learn it just for fun ,i think its ok when i dont know all and look more then a user then a coder and maybe sometime i ask very stupid questions ;)

but im very happy to have a place like this to ask for help !
often i must stop myself asking more then one question here at the same time ;)

but what are im talking about .......have a nice day and happy coding !
Posted on 2001-12-18 04:13:50 by Max