Hello everyone...
I've posted some threads about resource builders/creators/editors... The reason for that is that I am not able to compile my resource files (.rc).
Some "identifiers" are unknown to the resource compiler, I guess.
For example, I got errors because the compiler didn't recognize the identifiers VOS_DOS_WINDOWS32, VFT_APP and VS_FFI_FILEFLAGSMASK.
I was also getting errors with WS_OVERLAPPED, WS_VISIBLE, etc... but I solved this by adding this:
#include "\masm32\include\resource.h"
Can anyone help me?
What resource editor should I use?
I am using Borland Resource Workshop (to make dialogs) and Symantec Resource Studio (to make version info).
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.
Posted on 2001-12-17 19:46:44 by dilau
i personally use the rc Editor from Visual c++
and that kinda works fine i never used actually the borland rc?s so i can?t say much about them, sorry

u might try a search for the missin values u need via google or yahoo

result ;)

#define VFT_APP 0x00000001L
#define VOS_DOS_WINDOWS32 0x00010004L
#define VS_FFI_FILEFLAGSMASK 0x0000003FL

hope this help u a little bit
Posted on 2001-12-18 06:44:33 by Allanon

i try borland and another i lost the name.
with booth i had probs. when i compile my source.

now i use RESOURCE HACKER there is no other then this ;)
i love it and im shure you too ,take a look at google for it.
Posted on 2001-12-18 07:39:09 by Max