for my security tool im working on a function who check when a df? connection is made if this is a 0190 number.
for now i found out ,with help from here ,how to know if dial up is on or off ;)

then i found a password thief source in the web ,showing your df? phoneboook ,first i think i can get from this source the way to grab the active phonenumber.
but thats the part not working in the source ,he show all dial up infos but no phonenumber.

so i ask here the lame question if another reader allready know how can i read out the phone number from the settings.

i personal wish to have such a tool so i never will see a high phonebill ;)
Posted on 2001-12-18 04:28:22 by Max

i think you should use RasGetEntryDialParams
if you have used it . you should know that under windows xp you cant get the password at least with this call . you only get ********(password char ...)

look the example

hope this helps



p.s this example allready exist on Iczelion's web under the name intcheck but i add to this version a function for username , password and etc...(click on the left list )
Posted on 2001-12-18 10:29:02 by eko
Thanks for the sample.
but im not interrested in passwords,what i need is the phone number im connected to.
like 0190....and then i pop up a warn dialog.
and when this is all finish i start searching infos about how can i terminate this connection ,but i think its ok when the user can do this by himself first :)
anyway i start browsing your sample to see how you get the infos ,im shure its not so hard to add the phone number now :)

also please read the post from me about the "dropper"
Posted on 2001-12-18 15:29:06 by Max
the function in the example were supposed to show you the all information about the connection.(phonenumber , password (xp ha protect from that ), username and etc....)

from some wired reason it doesnt show the phone number i cant say why .. i think i dont have mistake in the code but ,ill give it another look. :(

also please read the post from me about the "dropper"

which post?

Posted on 2001-12-19 08:02:43 by eko
hm when it works on your system and on my not.....hm maybe thats why i use tdsl ?
you have dsl too or modem/isdn ?

ps:i use df? to connect to the internet ,the settings must be in the phonebook because i see them alltime when i go to internet.
so i dont understand why i can see the account name,the username and the password (if cached) but not the dialed phonenumber with my tool.
thats a miracle.
Posted on 2001-12-19 11:11:05 by Max
heres what i can see when i use your tool:

left window : the account name i use
right window: T-DSL-Adapter Line 01

do you see in the right window your dial up number ?
if yes my problem is gone and again im to stupid *lol*

Posted on 2001-12-19 11:14:53 by Max
no you are not stupid ..
the left list shows you all the names of the connnection
the right list shows you all Devices you are able to connect with them

click on one of the connection in the left list .you will get Msgbox with all the detail of the connection. (Entry Name , phone number ,callbacknumber ,username and etc...)

but like i have said before it doesnt show the phone number (at least on my system) i dont know why


Posted on 2001-12-20 08:01:38 by eko
as far as i know, when using DSL you never dial any phone number.
that's because your computer connects via DSL-modem more or less directly to a network node on the other side.
Posted on 2001-12-20 13:14:31 by sys64738