I was wondering if its "legal" to convert all of the tutorials to tasm compatible, and make it available for download? Of course, Iczelions name would still be in there?
Posted on 2001-12-18 18:29:14 by stryker
I assume that would be something you need to take up w/Iczelion. You can find his email address on his site.
Posted on 2001-12-18 18:41:18 by lackluster
Well I can help you do some if needed.
Posted on 2001-12-18 19:32:17 by -T-
Thanks, maybe I'll email him later...

I still have a lot to cover(I have finish 9 tuts already) Im busy with other projects...Anyway if i need help i'll tell you

Posted on 2001-12-18 20:07:31 by stryker

i can help you too ;)
im a newbie but i convert some stuff also to tasm.

to where should i send the stuff ?
Posted on 2001-12-19 04:46:49 by Max
Umberg, there is no doubt Iczelion will be glad to see more and
more his work made available for other Assemblers like he
did when i asked him for my own translation to SpAsm syntax.

Just email him when you are over. Betov.
Posted on 2001-12-19 06:20:13 by Betov
TIP for polish reader : http://atena.eu.org/~fixer/teksty.html

all tutorials and more translated to polish (or polnisch in my language)
Posted on 2001-12-19 06:24:56 by Max
this polish site is really great. although iczelion's tuts are completely enough to get into asm, this polish tuts can give you a lot of background knowledge. if someone is interested i can translate texts from this site to english/german. here are the topics translated to english(some of the words are difficult to translate) and german:

::Systemy liczbowe
E: Numeric systems
D: Zahlensysteme

::Rejestry procesora 16-bitowe i 32-bitowe
E: processor registers, 16bit and 32bit
D: Prozessorregister 16bit und 32bit

::Sta?e i symbole - deklararowanie, operacje
E: constants and symbols - declarations, operations
D: Konstanten und Symbole - Deklaration und Operationen

E: variables
D: Variablen

::Szablon programu w Win32asm
E: skeleton of a win32asm program
D: Skelett eines win32asm Programms

::Operacje na rejestrach, adresowanie pami?ci, przesy?anie danych
E: operations with registers, addressing of memory, sending of data
D: Operationen mit Registern, Adressierung des Speichers, Senden von Daten

E: Stack???
D: Stack (Stapelspeicher)???

::Procedury i makroinstrukcje - procedury, makra, dyrektywy: powt?rze? i warunkowe
E: procedures and macros - procedures, macros and instructions of loops and conditions
D: Prozeduren und Makros - Prozeduren, Makros und Befehle f?r Schleifen und Bedingungen

::Operacje arytmetyczne(Autor: FiXER)
E: arithmetic operations
D: Arithmetische Operationen (Mathematische Rechnungen)

::Operacje logiczne(Autor: FiXER)
E: logic operations
D: logische Operationen

::Przesuwanie i obroty bit?w(Autor: FiXER)
E: Moving and shifting(?) of bits
D: Bewegen und drehen von bits

::Skoki bezwarunkowe i warunkowe - jmp i jxx, jnxx - warunki i opcody skok?w
E: Jumps without and with conditions - jmp i jxx, jnxx - conditions and opcodes of jumps
D: Spr?nge mit und ohne Bedingungen - jmp i jxx, jnxx - Bedingungen und opcodes f?r Spr?nge

::Instrukcje por?wnania - CMP, TEST, operatory relacji, CMPSx
E: comparing operations - cmp, test, ?(operators of common things??)?, CMPSx
D: Vergleichsoperationen - cmp, test, ?Operatoren der Beziehung?, CMPSx

::Instrukcje warunkowe - IF/ELSE/IFELSE
E: conditional instructions - IF/ELSE/IFELSE
D: Befehle f?r Bedingungen - IF/ELSE/IFELSE

::Instrukcji warunkowe przez analogi? do j?zyk?w wysokiego poziomu (Autor: FiXER)
E: instructions of condition in comparison with high level languages
D: Bedingungen im Vergleich mit Hochsprachen

::P?le - LOOP, LOOPx, inne realizacje p?tli
E: loops, -LOOP, LOOPx, other possibilities of loops
D: schleifen, -LOOP,LOOPx, andere M?glichkeiten f?r Schleifen

::Operacje na ?a?cuchach -rep, znacznik kierunku, operacje
E: operations on chains(=arrays?, strings?) -rep, indicator of direction
D: Operationen and arrays/strings (feldern) -rep, Richtungsanzeiger

E: ? "stoppings" ? (noun of to stop)
D: ? "Anh?lter" ? (Nomen von stoppen, anhalten)

::Porty (Autor: FiXER)
E: ports
D: ports (Schnittstellen?)

::Koprocesor (Autor: FiXER)
E: coprocessor
D: Koprozessor

::U?ywanie funkcji API w kodzie ?r?d?owym
E: usage of the API in the source code
D: Benutzen der APIs im Quellcode

::Instrukcje MMX (Autor: Konrad ?ukasik)
E: MMX instructions
D: MMX befehlssatz

Posted on 2001-12-19 15:10:57 by NOP-erator
i like the site too :)
if you need help translating english to german i will help.
also i can translate some text to romanish :)

aber polnisch kann ich leider nicht ,ich habe schon verzweifelt im web einen ?bersetzer gesucht :)
also wenn du magst helfe ich dir gerne.
Posted on 2001-12-20 04:02:47 by Max
hey max, thanks, so,
if anybody is interested in the translation of any of the articles, tell us/me.

Posted on 2001-12-20 06:01:20 by NOP-erator