Hi folks
I use a datepicker control, and it works propoerly with mouse and keyboard also.
But if i catch its notify message (to change child monthview style) the selected date do not copy to parent datepicker control, and if i click with mouse the montview control do not close.
I'm sure i did a mistake in my notify message handler: (but the change of monthview style works)
I did that trick (catch notify message) with listview and works properly , but it seems datepicker is different.

.elseif eax==WM_NOTIFY
mov esi,lParam
mov eax,.NMHDR.hwndFrom
; Datepicker
.elseif eax==hDP
mov eax,.NMHDR.code
.if eax==DTN_DROPDOWN  ; when dropdown, we can mod style
invoke SendMessage,hDP,DTM_GETMONTHCAL,0,0
mov hMonth,eax
.elseif eax==WM_SIZE

I think if i catch notify and proceed that one DTN_DROPDOWN message the other messages will be lost.
Please advice, what should i do at the end of my notification handler....thanks
Posted on 2006-03-14 01:33:47 by s5vi
No response yet, so i must use datepicker's monthview control with its default style. It works.
I think this is  a special construction, a control have a child and they communicate each other.
It seems to catch the DTN_DROPDOWN notification msg breaks this internal communication between datepicker and monthview. But why? And how can i do it properly? i googled but no info found...... :sad: :sad: :sad:
Posted on 2006-03-30 12:22:01 by s5vi