I use Masm32, and I might use Invoke "GetNextWindow, WND, GW_HWNDNEXT", but my compiler returns with "error A2006: undefined symbol : GetNextWindow". I think GetNextWindow should be located in user32.lib. I've searched for GetNextWindow in all my libs, but could not found.
How could I call then GetNextWindow API wo' this lib?, or where could I download a new user32.lib which contains this API call?

Posted on 2006-03-14 08:05:08 by SoftMan
Well, although PlatformSDK says the GetNextWindow function is present since Windows 95/Windows NT 3.1, I could not find it on my Windows2000 SP4 system...

So you'd better follow the PSDK suggestion and use GetWindow instead:
Using this function is the same as calling the GetWindow function with the GW_HWNDNEXT or GW_HWNDPREV flag set.
Posted on 2006-03-14 08:31:43 by Morris

getnextwindow not in win32api

found in MFC library
Posted on 2006-03-14 08:36:44 by korte
Yup, you're right GetNextWindow is not in the list of exports from User32.dll in Windows 2000. I checked with the Show Exports function of WinExplorer and this is what I got..

Posted on 2006-03-14 19:54:29 by donkey
The Win32.HLP file said that GetNextWindow() is located in WINUSER.H, so I just looked in there and saw this:

#define GetNextWindow(hWnd, wCmd) GetWindow(hWnd, wCmd)

So if your determinded to use it...

GetNextWindow macro hWnd, wCmd
      invoke GetWindow, hWnd, wCmd


Bryant Keller
Posted on 2006-03-14 20:23:17 by Synfire

Thank you all, for your help. GetWindow works excellent, you all helped out!

Posted on 2006-03-15 01:53:08 by SoftMan