I've been running a dos database app for many years for which I wrote an assembly routine that has int 14 calls to dial a telephone with a modem. We've had ISA modems with jumpers to standardize the setup. It's worked great and we can use the old 2400 baud modems. However, since the new motherboards eliminate the EISA slots, I've got to modify the routine to dial PCI modems that no longer have jumpers. From a DOS shell, can I find out what the modem setup is? Does the int 14 still work for the new winmodems and 56k plug and play modems? I would appreciate some direction because the documentation on this seems very hard to find.
Posted on 2001-12-19 14:43:45 by whmcnary

Have a look at:


Haven't used it, but it may help. Let us know if
it works or not.

Posted on 2001-12-19 21:36:39 by farrier
all of the old interupts still work until you get to win 98 which intercepts even in a dos box. 98 will let you still read most ports, but is very picky about writes. their are dlls and ring 0 drivers to get around this but I have not seen any as guick as the old interupts or straight port writes. I am currently looking for win32 asembly to allow direct port access.
good luck
Posted on 2003-06-15 20:27:46 by dhicks586