when i am capturing window using PrintWindow API it will shows the good result on remote server using remote desktop running application on remote server,as long as i logoff or disconnect from the server while mine application is running,i see no updation in the result,means it doesn't capturing after i lost the session from the remote server.i also use some third party tool that creates a movie,to check wheather it captures the shoot,to check this i used label on my form and changes it caption after an some interval of time,what i see after connection,the window remains same ,means doesn't updated while the timer is running.the caption changes when i connected what remains same while disconnection.
      plz help me,why window doesn't refresh or update in session lost time.i aslo use WM_PAINT msg to my window but got the same result.
    anybody have the idea,plz suggest  me or send the code snippet plz
plz help me....

note:the code should be worked remotely using remote desktop connection.
Posted on 2006-03-27 05:58:15 by sihotaamarpal