i found once a tutorial which showed how to create a device driver under NT like systems. It was about creating a service or so. This tutorial was on http://www.assembly-journal.com but the page is down. So my question:
Does anybody know a mirror of this page or has maybe this tutorial downloaded and can send it to me?

Posted on 2006-04-02 11:16:18 by belial

Only driver tutorials I know of are Four-F's (which are really good btw), You can get them here.

Bryant Keller
Posted on 2006-04-02 11:30:22 by Synfire
Thank you. Im not 100% sure, but i think this is the tutorial i was looking for. :)
Posted on 2006-04-02 11:33:44 by belial

    I don't have any trouble connecting with http://www.assembly-journal.com/ . Ratch
Posted on 2006-04-02 11:42:32 by Ratch
Yes you can connect, but theres nothing, just a german message that the domain is for sale.
Posted on 2006-04-02 12:16:29 by belial
Posted on 2006-04-03 13:16:20 by lonelyboy