Hi Ketil,
I have made a skeleton for a RadASM installer. (I use it myself)

The "Typical" and "Compact" are _my_ preferences only :)
I am thinking of doing away completely with the "presets" and let the user choose switch off any option he/she does not want.

For now the installer will do nothing, just run you through the screens, thats all.
If you are interested, I can send you the NSIS script for making the installer.

So...are you game for an installer?

P.S.  :P  :)  :lol:
A long long time back I had suggested an installer (using NSIS) for...lets just say..."some other package" and there was some confusion as to whether each user who wants to run the installer will need NSIS installed or not on his machine. So just to clarify beforehand...An installer made using NSIS WILL BE STANDALONE  :D :lol: All the user has to do is download and run the setup, thats ALL.

Please note: The CAPS and BOLD are not for "shouting" purposes, just to ensure that this does not snowball into something else. Hope nobody minds!  :D
Posted on 2006-04-02 13:50:45 by shantanu_gadgil
Yes, an installer would be nice.

Posted on 2006-04-02 14:54:02 by KetilO
I'm also interested in a new installer for the OA32 package. I wouldl be glad if you can share your NSIS script.


Posted on 2006-04-02 16:18:48 by Biterider
Thaks for the support guys...will post the script in a few hours...not home right now.
Posted on 2006-04-03 05:48:15 by shantanu_gadgil
here is the installer script with the required layout of the directories as shown in the attached screenshot.

The directory "radasm_installer" would be the root directory for our installer "activities" (from the screenshot).

In this directory we have to extract the three basic ZIPs; RadASM.zip, Assembly.zip and HighLevel.zip

The radasm.nsi should be placed in the same level as the three folders.

After you install NSIS, just right-click the .nsi file and click compile. It should generate an installer of about 1.56 (one point five six) MB!!!
Posted on 2006-04-03 14:19:24 by shantanu_gadgil
Thanks shantanu_gadgil

Very nice

Posted on 2006-04-03 18:05:44 by KetilO
I'm working on a project right now, but I'll take a closer look at it as soon as I can. Thanks.

Posted on 2006-04-04 01:08:57 by Biterider
Hi Biterider,
I checked out the OA32INST.ZIP file from your website.

What all does the installation do? What I could figure out was...
1. Get path of MASM32 (say C:\MASM32) (du-uh)  :lol:
2. Extract "stuff" to a folder called ObjAsm32 in that folder.

Any other sets of files being "installed" anywhere else?
Also, I couldn't figure out why the installer asks for a reboot  :shock:

The script I have attached is using the "Modern Interface" for NSIS. If you want I can give you a "ready skeleton" of the basic NSIS installer style. It has the tree-view style of options too.

(I think I will just post the "basic style" install script here later).  8)
Posted on 2006-04-04 04:35:11 by shantanu_gadgil
I would assume the reboot is so the system would recognize the environment variables set by the installer, the variables are: MASM32_PATH, OA32_PATH, and INCLUDE
Posted on 2006-04-04 08:38:04 by rags
That's right. The system needs to be restarted to load these Environment Variables.

I use currently InstallShield 5, but the programming script language is annoying and that what I really dislike is that it generates many files and not only 1.


Posted on 2006-04-04 08:46:01 by Biterider