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Pelle's new macro assembler POASM includes the statement INCBIN to embed binary files. Like Fasm's FILE statement equivalent to INCBIN, it takes two optional?  parameters, the first one specifying the number of bytes to be skipped and the second one specifying the number of bytes to be included.

Anoter nice feature of POASM is that it declares undefined function names seen in call statements as externals. This is similar to GoAsm's invoke statement which doesn't require any function prototyping.

SFXsample.zip : A SFX archive demo embedding the compressed data with the INCBIN statement. It uses Jeremy Collake's compression routines.

bintobmp.zip?  ?  ? : Another INCBIN demo displaying a bitmap embedded in the main executable

Autodecl.zip?  ?  ?  : Auto-declaration of external functions without the usage of PROTOs.

invk_simul3.zip : An invoke macro simulator functionning like GoAsm's invoke without the need of function prototypes.

To rebuild the examples, you need to download and install Poasm test bed. It's a package similar to masm32 covering all the necessary tools ( including Pelle's assember and linker )

Vortex:  I have taken the liberty to help you with your link problem.

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