dear all,
I am just a student in high school, and just got this assembly book, but i c
ouldnt figure out how to Input/Output w/ ansi.sys.
could anyone give me a sample code of this
thanks a lot.

.mode small
.stack 64



??? ; some sample code
Posted on 2006-04-08 20:06:26 by xmsmmgr
ANSI.sys is a TSR that intercepts and interprets ANSI escape sequences  and such.

The only other thing that I think may help is referencing BIOS Interrupt 2F (Function 1A02h).

"]" is a link to an indirect example of ANSI programming (with source), though I am not sure what language it is in (most likely C).
Posted on 2006-04-08 21:48:29 by SpooK