Hello, i want to read the incoming messages of another app/dll, i guess i need a windows hook for this or something. Im not sure what to do or how to begin, so i was hoping someone here could help me a little with this.
Posted on 2006-04-12 17:14:01 by w00
Could you elaborate a bit?

For general purposes you could use one of the widely available API spies.
Posted on 2006-04-12 17:53:01 by f0dder
I've got MSVC++ installed, and with that you get SPY++ which can do the same thing i want to do. Thats the app that got me interested in making my own sort of spy++.
I want to start with getting the messages send to an app or dll file. Its not really that a tool like this, cause like you said they are already out there. I would just like to know how to make my own.
Posted on 2006-04-12 18:01:42 by w00