Well, I went through my PMs today and there were 4 pages of them. I do read all my PMs and try to answer them. I like to hear from my friends through the PM system or to discuss things that are not meant to be public. But seriously, I had some 20 or so PMs that were just copy and pastes of questions that people had posted on the board. I really don't need to be PMed your questions, if I want to answer them I will do it in the public forums and not through the PM system. Asking and answering questions through the PM system defeats the purpose of the board, that is to supply information about assembly language programming. If you ask in public the answer is there for all time for anyone else who might need the information, private answers do not enrich the board or add anything to the knowledge base here.

So, feel free to PM me any time but please save any coding questions for the public forums.

Posted on 2006-04-16 15:30:25 by donkey
I've gotten a few of those PM's myself, and I agree with Donkey.

It's not to be rude and not because I don't want to answer questions, but I prefer doing so in public where everybody can benefit from the discussions.
Posted on 2006-04-16 19:10:45 by f0dder
Hmmm. I got a couple of those too.

And frankly I don't and wont answer question represented too me in a such manner. There is nothing wrong with asking something trough PM when it's regarding a mutual interest you and the person sharing, or you know that person, or... But blindly sending the same question to every member of the board is plain stupid and annoying.
Posted on 2006-04-16 19:35:22 by arafel
Simple solution, tell them exactly that. If they persist, tell me and I'll strip them of their PM capabilities.
Posted on 2006-04-16 19:47:45 by SpooK