Whats new:
o Improved Collapse / Expand (Code folding).
It will now work with anonymus nested structures and unions.
You need to manually update assembler.ini

Example masm.ini

1=$ proc,? endp,,,6
4=? struct,? ends,,,2
5=? struc,? ends,,,2
6=? union,? ends,,,2
7=$ macro,endm,,,14
Also to parse named unions make this change in section {Code]
Struct=? ends,$ struct,$ struc,$ union

o Updated RAEdit custom control.
Version of RAEdit introduces collapse/expand blocks that are not backwards compatible.
- Use REM_ADDBLOCKDEF message or call SetBlockDef to set block definitions.
  A parameter of 0 resets the block definitions.
  There can be a maximum of 32 block definitions.
  - REM_SETBLOCKS does not have any lpRABLOCKDEF parameter and needs only be called once
  for a newly opened file.
  - REM_COLLAPSE and REM_COLLAPSEALL does not have any lpRABLOCKDEF parameter.
  - Added word group to RABLOCKDEF. Different files can have different RABLOCKDEF's
    For RadASM .rc files are wordgroup 1, all other are wordgroup 0.
Example masm.ini

o Incrased max block definitions from 16 to 24.
o The 19 menu items limit on tools menu has been incrased to 32.
0 The 0 to 9 limit on project file parameter on tools menu is removed.
o Rearranged position of OK / Cancel buttons on several dialogs.
o Fixed bug in project wizard where wrong templates could be shown.
o Updated and fixed bugs in text link manager addin.
o New style manager addin. Use it to change dialog and control styles.
o Moved the ReallyRad menu item down on the option menu.
o Added option dialog to set assembler specific enviroment variables.
o Added function to center controls in dialog.
o Updated RadASMini.rtf file.
o Added default alignment style to button control.
o Added function to set dialog controls tabindexes.
Šnbsp; - LeftClick to set, Ctrl+LeftClick to pick.
o Fixed a bug where api tooltip and api listbox was not hidden if another window got focus.
o Fixed a bug where double clicking in code properties did not jump to declaration (hla only).
o Fixed some bcet and FreeBASIC parse bugs.

Posted on 2006-04-29 11:41:39 by KetilO
I think I asked once before.. but I'll ask again anyway :)

Could you modify the Project Zipper to include the files listed in the Project properties, in addition to those in the Project's Folder?
This would make it possible to zip includes that happen to live in other folders, such as shared project modules, by just adding them to the Project before zipping it..

(I get frustrated at having to hunt thru folders to create project source zips.)
Posted on 2006-04-29 11:53:17 by Homer

I will see what I can do.

Posted on 2006-04-29 12:12:15 by KetilO
Project zipper with a new button to zip current project files, also those not in the path.

Posted on 2006-04-29 12:59:15 by KetilO
Wow Ketil, this feature is very useful! Thanks

Posted on 2006-04-29 13:14:13 by Biterider
Much appreciated, my hair thanks you from the bottom of its roots.
Posted on 2006-04-30 03:16:01 by Homer