I've serched through some sites/forums and found no information about servicing PCI interrupts. I've read that one can read the PCI IRQ configurations by reading ACPI or MP tables, but that doesn't concern me for now. What I want to know is which software interrupt will be fired upon receiving -for example- IRQ 16 and how do I (re)configure it? I can read (from PCI configuration registers) that 'this' or 'that' PCI device will fire a IRQ17, but which software INT will it be? Every site I saw mentions only the old PIC configuration methods which allow to set vectors for ISA IRQs (0-15). What about the PCI ones?
Posted on 2006-05-01 22:46:35 by ti_mo_n
Posted on 2006-05-01 23:01:06 by SpooK
Thank you for pointing me the right direction. Now I can continue my study :)

I'd also highly recommend This thread to anyone learning about APICs.
Posted on 2006-05-02 14:29:02 by ti_mo_n