WASM has yet no child board here, but it should definitivly be recommended.

OpenWatcom released the new version 1.5 of Watcom C / C++ including the WASM assembler. It contains a set of professional tools, like the IDE, dialog and resource editors, windows debugger, compiler, assembler, etc.

The project is fully open source and can be compiled for Windows, OS/2 and Linux (quite new). If you miss some features, just integrate them yourself  8)

Compatibility to MASM is very good, WASM supports also a number of link and debug formats.

URL: www.openwatcom.org
Posted on 2006-05-02 08:45:49 by beaster
Thanks beaster, but is there any usable documentation on WASM? All what I found is inside C/C++ Tools User's Guide, but it is hardly a documentation.
Posted on 2006-05-03 10:46:49 by MazeGen
thats right, the http://www.openwatcom.org/ftp/manuals/tools.pdf tools guide is the only one documentation for the WASM tool itself. I afraid that the C / C++ and Fortran compiler system has much more attention than the assembly language ..

Nevertheless it is highly compatible to MASM and TASM so you better have a good book about asm :) (that's what I did)

What I did forget to mention: until now the open source community works really great - if I detect any bug I can post in the newsgroup and it will be fixed in a couple of days.
Posted on 2006-05-04 07:40:30 by beaster