Recently I discovered some native but undocumented NT-APIs that exposes a compression engine that is shipped with all WinNT. Since they are undocumented, it is possible that they are changed or removed in future OS releases, but until now they are present in WinXP.
The performance and compression ratio are spectacular, so I decided to implement an object to facilitate the handling of these APIs.

I attached a demo (Demo02 based) that uses this object (NTCompressor). You need DebugCenter to see the output.


Posted on 2006-05-04 07:15:09 by Biterider
Hmm, let me guess... this is probably an interface to the routines used for NTFS compression? If so, then it's okay speed and decent compression, but I prefer aPLib, zlib or LZMA myself, depending on needs :)

...but it's a bit hard to beat this for size!
Posted on 2006-05-04 11:13:37 by f0dder
Nice to see you took the time to try those out, I'll review your work when I get a chance :)
Posted on 2006-05-04 18:14:08 by Homer