I'm looking into writing applications for my smartphone in asm. it's a ti omap730 which has an arm926 core. can anyone point me at what tools i can use for this? i'm thinking i may be able to use armasm.exe from microsoft's embeded visual c++ toolkit as this has the ability to compile apps for my target already.

Any suggestions? comments?

many thanks!

Posted on 2006-05-09 17:53:09 by rob_c
Well, I'm not exactly sure as I don't do embedded coding on ARM, but IIRC PellesC has support for ARM processors. And PoASM (an assembler created by the same person) does as well. PoASM's syntax is very similar to MASM, you might could give it a try. Like I said though, I've never worked with ARM, but if I'm not mistaken quiet a few people here have, they might come up with something better :)

Bryant Keller

EDIT: Actually, I know for a fact that you can design software for smartphones using PellesC so it's only natural that PoASM would have that support as well :)
Posted on 2006-05-09 18:08:51 by Synfire
If I am not mistaken, Ultrano has done some ARM stuff.
Posted on 2006-05-09 18:39:40 by SpooK
Thanks for notifying me, Spook :)
I code full-time for ARM cpus, used in PalmOS5 devices.
What OS does your smartphone use ?
When coding in arm, you should know the code standards set by the OS:
a) which type of stack management: post-decrement, post-increment, pre-decrement, pre-increment
b) which endianness (little or big), usually little-endian is used.

The compiler I use is arm-palmos-gcc, and its gnu assembler, together with my macro-asm preprocessor and post-linker.

I haven't tried PellesC/PoASM, since I've had no need for that ^^".
Posted on 2006-05-09 23:49:06 by Ultrano
using  a  ppc-6700  aka htc  apache,  the  only  compiler  option  ive  found  thus  far  were  pocketgcc  and  the  above,  pgcc  does  not  run  in  mobile5,  and  does  not  have  the  mmx  optimizations  needed  for  these  new  xscale  chips...  I  would  prefer  an  on-board  compiler  (wince5mobile)  and  of  course  intel's  compilers  do  not  run  on  intel  devices...  msvc  is  possible,  but  also  appears  to  be  lacking  the  optimizations...  any  suggestions  msg  me  "wilfred@cryogen.com"  or  allims  "wilfredguerin"...  if  nothing  else  we  can  build  our  own  and  i'll  tie  the  3D  gui  and  reversing/optimizer  tools  to  it  as  well...  thoughts?
Posted on 2006-05-18 13:29:57 by wilfred
Posted on 2006-07-02 10:48:57 by vid