I have implemented a TreeView Control within a DlgProc (explicitly and not using rc) and stuffed some strings into it, several children deep... ok so now the User comes along and selects something within the TreeView Control...

How can I get a hold of the string data back from the control?
First I tried using TVN_SELCHANGED in combination with TVM_GETITEM but I couldn't get it to work...
so then I tried using a combination of WM_LBUTTONUP, TVN_HITTEST,TVM_SELECTITEM and TVM_GETNEXTITEM.
Both methods seemed to give me access to the TextString Handle ... ok so what do I do with it? Its not simply a pointer to the string, so what is it? How can I use it to get the string?
I mean I can't use text retrieval functions designed for other Controls (or can I?)

HELP!!! :tongue:
Posted on 2001-12-21 05:18:13 by Homer
try a mask of


Identifies the item to which this structure refers.

looks like hItem specifies which item in the treeview you are trying to retreive
Posted on 2001-12-21 16:09:38 by grv575