Attached is a zip file containing .asm and .rc for
a program which can be built using MASM32 The
program demonstrates the first phase of my latest
time filling project. After starting the program
a dialog box appears with two buttons; a default
button and a non-default button. Default meaning
the one which will be activated when the enter key
is pressed. When the right mouse button is
pressed, the mouse cursor goes to the middle of
the default button.

When I installed a new harddrive in my notebook
I couldn't reactivate the software that came with
my Kensington Expert Mouse. The software allowed
the mouse snap action whenever a new window was
displayed. I kinda got used to that, and I'm
going to try to recreate this behavior with my own
utility. I'm guessing the only way to do this in
Win95 is with a VXD? I've "Never been there,
Never done that"

The other function the Kensington software
provided was to define mouse key redefinition for
each application. For example: in one game a
right click will send an F2 keystroke to start a
new game, while in another game will send a mouse
double click. That will be my next project.

Any comments/suggestions are welcomed and
desparately needed.

Posted on 2001-12-21 07:11:21 by farrier
crashes on win2000
you need to preserve ebx in your dialog proc
also you only need 1 exitprocess
Posted on 2001-12-21 18:04:16 by grv575
Does it work if ebx is preserved? I could have
used ecx or edx.


Posted on 2001-12-22 01:11:53 by farrier
I made the changes you recommended, grv575. Sort
of! Should work, let me know if anyone tries it
on something other than win95.:confused:


Posted on 2001-12-22 05:27:11 by farrier