I liked your demo program for RAVideo, so I tried it in my own program.

The black rectangle appears like yours but when I issue the SendMessage with RAVID_PLAY the file does not play although the play button and slider appear. I am sending a zero terminated string in the second arg with the filename and path.

I am using the control in a standard window and created it with CreateWindowEx.

Posted on 2006-05-23 13:39:57 by msmith

My mistake. Your control now works fine in my program.

My string was in a table and I forgot to account for the extra level of indirection.

Thanks for another very fine control.

Posted on 2006-05-23 14:44:57 by msmith
Also remember to create the main window and RAVideo with WS_CLIPCHILDREN style.

Posted on 2006-05-23 15:11:54 by KetilO