This is a simple example of just one way to make your app
when it is first started, to fade in on the screen.
Full source in included.

Have fun


Oh, and you can also download these examples at:
Posted on 2006-05-24 04:28:33 by Zcoder
Small suggestion: don't have WS_VISIBLE in the initial window style on CreateWindowEx, as it causes a minor "flicker in and out of existance" bug.

Otherwise, pretty nice - and good style using a timer instead of a loop.

PS: you might also want to check out the AnimateWindow() API.
Posted on 2006-05-24 06:23:49 by f0dder
Whose site are you promoting?
Posted on 2006-05-24 06:24:15 by Homer

Thanks for the suggestions, and I will check out that API


I just started the site, it's mine. I am just posting on it
anything I write in hopes that it will help others.

Posted on 2006-05-24 06:30:09 by Zcoder