Hi all,
I need using winio to read and write I/O ports in Windows XP 64bit.
But the winio doesn't supported 64bit for I know.

So, could you tell me how to use winio to read/write I/O port in Window XP 64bit?

Winio information : http://www.internals.com/
Posted on 2006-05-28 06:12:28 by jeffery
Have a look at this thread, you might not need WinIO at all. (NtSetInformationProcess with ProcessUserModeIOPL(16) PROCESSINFOCLASS). You still need to run from an account with administrative privileges, and you might need a reboot after the NtSetInformationProcess call.

I don't know if it works with XP64, though.
Posted on 2006-05-28 06:38:30 by f0dder
Do you know what change I've to make on that WinIO code to work in 64bit environment?
Posted on 2006-05-28 07:00:58 by jeffery
You'll have to find a WinIO version for XP-64, as simple (or hard) as that - 64bit windows cannot use 32bit drivers, and WinIO needs a driver to do it's work.
Posted on 2006-05-28 07:03:06 by f0dder