Is there a quick and clean way for this? Preferably, automatically merging the main app-window's menu with the child-window's menu (and leaving only the main menu when there's no child-window visible).

I'll be making dozens of different types of MDI-child windows, each with their unique looks and commands (used in the necessary child-menus), so I'll need automatic management of the main menu.
Posted on 2006-06-02 14:40:51 by Ultrano
Tutorial #32?
Posted on 2006-06-02 16:17:30 by I, lamer
The drawback of tute32 is that I have to duplicate the main menu again and again for each type of child-menu. [ remove the "&File (child)" popup from mdi.rc, and you no longer have access the the "&File*" popup ].
Well, I guess I'll have to merge menus myself :(
Posted on 2006-06-02 16:33:47 by Ultrano