Im coding ASM for DOS with MASM.

I need a timer to count every second and print it on the monitor each second.

I've read that it uses the int 8h interruption, altough i cant figure it out how this works...

Can anyone help me ?
Posted on 2006-06-03 20:06:05 by CodeZero
Posted on 2006-06-03 21:53:18 by SpooK


Thank you, but i still havent figure it out.

Can someone post a portion of some source code ?

Posted on 2006-06-04 15:32:32 by CodeZero
Posted on 2006-06-04 16:32:18 by SpooK
Using Adam's Tutorials you should be able to print Stuff on the screen in no time. I believe you should use int 21 with ah having 2C. (look: here) On it's return dh has the seconds. Loop that call and on every change you update the screen. You might have to look into converting the seconds returned to ascii.
Posted on 2006-06-04 17:57:40 by JimmyClif