Along time ago before pc's ruled earth there was once a very powerfull program called Directory Opus 4.12 (5 was very different and lost point imho! :D)
It was THE shell replacement tool!
Nothing matched it for sheer power and speed.

Im looking for people to help program a new windows version of this tool.
I've attached a version i began working on about a 1 and 1/2 year ago but had to give up on after two weeks due to real life and never really got back to it!
It's just to give you an idea of where i wanna go with this project I hope myself any participates in the project would rewrite it from scratch.

I would like to develop a pc version along the same lines of :-
Dual pane interface
Filtered output of external command line utils allowing user expansion
approx 35/70 user configrable buttons
at least 12 in-built functions copy,move,rename. etc .......

Anyone interested should contact me via pm.
Ideally im looking for 1-2 people at first with an eye to release as freeware or shareware.
Also you should be willing to program CORE in masm.(im ok if you code external dlls in whatever...)
Posted on 2006-06-07 11:43:22 by asmrixstar
That's a pretty demanding task you're starting, by the way :). In order to be *really* useful, a filemanager sorta has to use a lot of COM interfaces, if you want to get just as many features as the normal windows explorer.

You can get a long way without it, but once you want those few last integration items, things get nasty.

As far as I know there's already a windows version of Dir Opus by the way, and there's other decent filemanagers like xplorer^2 at , if you need inspiration :)

Posted on 2006-06-07 11:58:01 by f0dder
hmmm Directory Opus is still developed. It works under Windows.
Posted on 2006-06-07 14:34:22 by QUASAR
Firstly : press F12 then a button to modify it (Shoulda said that:D)
when you refer to COM are you talking about intergration into the windows explorer ie rightclick menu for files etc

I have no problem with working with com although i do find it a bit like running in treacle.slow and tiring.
Still the best way to learn is to do ........

btw i know dir opus made it over to the pc but it was it is based on Dir Opus 5 which was a totally different animal to dir opus 4.xx.

It tried "to be *really* useful" ;) and most users 'in the know' wouldnt touch it with a ten footer!!! It tried to replace the operating system in memory and abandoned the clean,crisp,simple 2 pane,OneWindowApproach
(Higher version number doesn't always mean improvement! :D  )
Posted on 2006-06-07 19:44:15 by asmrixstar

when you refer to COM are you talking about intergration into the windows explorer ie rightclick menu for files etc

Yeah, stuff like that. And if you want to support things like special shell folders (which are necessary if you want to 100% replace explorer for file management), you probably need nasty COM stuff too.
Posted on 2006-06-08 05:44:55 by f0dder
Since OA32 supports COM, it's not so bad..
Posted on 2006-06-08 06:38:11 by Homer
Yeah, my aim is not to replace explorer more to make it easier to manage large numbers of files. something explorer doesnt do to well imho.
Dopus 4.x straddled the the line between comm.prompt and gui very nicely and with most (decent) windows program supporting command line options i see no reason not to extend this into the Mirco$oft Era ......

FYI I started the project and its 'shell' is progressing quite well. ill keep you imformed
Posted on 2006-06-13 16:05:13 by asmrixstar
check out my (very) little Opus clone: written of course in 100% asm :)
Posted on 2006-12-06 06:58:39 by beaster