Hi All,

Just to let you know that KAM 1.05 has been released.

There's not too many changes since the previous release, but if you use it,
you may find the newer version more user-friendly (less garbage printed out,
HTML tags shouldn't mess around with output as much as before, and regkeys
should be finally handled properly).


Best Regards
Posted on 2006-06-12 17:16:58 by kakeeware
all .exe that I try to monitor gives the error (WinXP SP2) :
"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate the application."
Posted on 2006-06-13 13:44:59 by TBD
Oops... that shouldn't happen, especially that I tested it extensively on WXP SP2
and I have a feedback from people that it works on this system...
Do you select all the APIs to be monitored?
Do you have DEP on?
If you don't mind, could you send me the info via email
(just to avoid polluting the forum)?


Best Regards
Posted on 2006-06-13 14:05:47 by kakeeware
i just download it, run ... but nothing happens...
later i saw that it was loaded kam.exe process but no any GUI, nothing at all

the only i can see is that new file kam.ini (0 bytes long) was created and that process kam.exe was loaded, nothing else

using w2k
Posted on 2006-06-13 21:21:55 by SET
Hey Guys,

Thx for your spotting these bugs. I hope I fixed W2K bug (I know it should at least run :).

Do you mind checking it now?


Best Regards
Posted on 2006-06-14 19:06:02 by kakeeware
now it seems to work fine
thanks for that, i really like it )
Posted on 2006-06-20 09:47:38 by SET

It seems that there is another problem (or I'm doing something wrong).
Everytime I try to start monitoring some application the following error occurs :

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application".

It happens the same whatever application I try to monitor.
(Although opening the file is successful :
Creating process: C:\masm32\qeditor.exe
Opening process: 00000368
Process is ready to be analyzed)

KAM 1.06. Win XP SP2.
Posted on 2006-06-20 10:22:43 by elephanto
Nice work kakeeware. Works fine on XP SP2 Pro.
I'll definitely add this one to my utilities repository.
Posted on 2006-06-20 12:44:38 by arafel
if it there any way to add some new API's by myself?
Posted on 2006-06-20 13:06:29 by SET